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Crafted by Chef Thomas Keller and made with Supplant™ Sugars from Fiber our chocolate and shortbreads are super tasty and available now.
Building a
better food
We’re helping to build a better food system from the ground up. We’re doing this by using leftover crops and turning them into SupplantTM Sugars from Fiber.
Sugars from
It’s lower in calories and has a lower glycemic response compared to regular cane sugar, it’s also prebiotic – what more could you want?!
The Supplant mission
Here at The Supplant Company we believe it is possible for a better future for people and the planet. That means healthier food, enough for all but without more environmental impact.
We know it’s going to need a new perspective to radically re-think how things are currently done. The focus here at The Supplant Company is on unlocking the huge potential of plant fiber, the most abundant and underused resource that’s made on farms.
By taking fiber from cobs, husks and stalks and making it taste goooood we’re building a food system that’s better for all, including the planet.
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Finalist world Changing Ideas 2022
Winner 2022 Leadership Award
Nomination in the category of Build a Waste-Free world
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