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Multi Purpose Baking Base For Foodservice & Hospitality

The Supplant Company’s Multi-Purpose Baking Base provides professional chefs and bakers to bake lower-calorie and high-fiber baked goods. Made with upcycled Supplant™ Sugars from Fiber, achieve functional sugar reduction across your pastry menu with our quick and convenient solution.

Attract customers with sustainable choices for muffins, loaf cakes, sheet cakes, scones and more. Our dedicated foodservice baking mix can achieve up to 50% less sugar, 25% fewer calories and 8x more fiber.

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Healthy Pasta for Foodservice & Hospitality

Transform your menus with eco-friendly and healthier pasta made with Supplant™ Grain & Stalk Flour. With fewer calories, less carbs and 6x more fiber, Supplant pasta is a great way to offer more nutritious dishes in your restaurant. Compared to wholewheat pasta, our range has 3x more fiber too.

We have options to suit a variety of businesses including large-scale cafeteria dining to independent restaurants. Supplant's plant-based, nutritious pasta alternatives benefits your business with no compromise to your dishes.

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