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The food system trilemma
Our current food system isn't great for our health
It's also not great for our planet
Not everybody can afford to eat healthily
Supplant's mission is to solve all three problems - at once.
on nutrition
Refined sugar and carbohydrates have been a nutritional problem for decades now.

By bringing our fiber-derived ingredients into our food system, we're adding fiber benefits and reducing the negative impacts of refined sugar, carbohydrates and excess calories. Most importantly, we only do it while making delicious foods.
Supplant on
Because of its major impact on the local and global environment the food system is top of the sustainability agenda.

By using the fiber-rich parts of plants that our farms already produce but that don’t normally make their way into the food system, we can reduce the impact on the environment and save emissions from burning or rotting of under-utilised side streams.
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food security
There’s going to be 2 billion more people on the planet by 2050. That means we need 50% more food, but we don’t have 50% more land.

Fortunately, farms already create more fiber-rich sidestreams than all of the sugar, flour, starch, grains, beans, and vegetable oil combined. By bringing these into the food system we can significantly expand the global food supply in every region.
How we
do It
We make ingredients from fiber-rich agricultural sidestreams like cobs, husks, hulls and stalks. These are the most abundant products of our food system, more abundant than all of the sugar, starch, flour, and vegetable oil in the world combined. They're also produced around the world all year with no further emissions or fertilizers.
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