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Supplant™ Chocolate is Now Available on Amazon 

7 March 2022

SupplantTM milk and dark chocolate bars are now available on Amazon. 


The good news is: people seem to love our new milk and dark chocolate bars! We’ve barely been able to keep up with the orders coming through our website. While we’re happy to personally package every chocolate bar that goes out, we’re excited to share these with the world. So, we got in touch with Amazon. 


It’s kind of a fun connection. Customers can now quickly and easily buy Supplant chocolate bars, because this 24-7 online shopping platform makes sure that your orders are shipped to you as quickly as possible.  


You can also use it to rate and review your orders, to easily let us know how we’re doing and what you think of our products. If you’re happy and you know it, tell the world! And of course, if your purchase isn’t quite right, let us know that too, so we can make it right. We’re growing as a company, and we need to hear from you so that we can keep getting better.  


The funny thing is, selling chocolate bars, including on Amazon, lets us help out the real Amazon – as in the jungle – at the same time.  


Here’s how.  


Traditional sugar, as you may know, typically comes from sugarcane, which is grown in subtropical regions like the Amazon. Much of the Amazon rainforest has been deforested in recent decades, and much of that has been for sugarcane agriculture. That deforestation leads to biodiversity loss for some of the world’s most endangered and vulnerable species of plants and animals.  


By using upcycled agricultural fiber to make sugars from fiber, we make a product that can take the place of traditional sugar. We make farmland more productive by using plant material that would otherwise go unused, and we use it to make a product that is better for you because it has fewer calories than traditional sugar, causes a lower glycemic response, and is prebiotic, which is good for gut health.  


By using sugars from fiber instead of sugarcane sugar, we reduce the need for deforestation for sugarcane agriculture, and provide a sustainable alternative. When you enjoy a Supplant chocolate bar made with sugars from fiber, you’re helping to change the world, with a food system built on more sustainable options, that’s better for you and better for the planet.  


You can help us, too, simply by trying our chocolate — and, if you like, letting us know what you think in a review.  


You can find Supplant milk and dark chocolate bars now on Amazon.