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How we make it...
We start with the goodness of plant fiber, the most abundant material in the natural world, and the only macronutrient that almost no Americans get enough of.

We then use plant science to create our world-changing ingredient Supplant™ sugars from fiber.
...Fiber-rich parts of crops like stems, stalks, husks and cobs are collected from farmyards, forests and food facilities. These often unused agricultural side streams are then ground down into manageable chunks so that the fiber inside is easily accessible.
...The long chains of sugars found in fiber are broken-down using enzymes from fungi. Some of these long chains (called polysaccharides) separate into shorter chains of sugars (called oligosaccharides) leaving a long- and short-chain blend we call 'sugars from fiber’.
Once finished...
...Our blend of fiber-derived sugars, cooks, bakes and mixes to make delicious products. The fiber-derived sugars behaves like traditional sugar in food – but retains certain fiber-based qualities. It's lower in calories because fiber is. It has a lower glycemic response because fiber does. And it's prebiotic because fiber is.
The Supplant
'From Fiber'
Upcycled from agricultural side-streams
Less than half the calories of sugar
Lower glycemic response compared to glucose
Prebiotic – good for gut health
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