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Sugars From Fiber Adds a New Twist to Shortbread’s Long History

4 March 2022

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You probably know that Supplant chocolate is made with sugars from fiber. But sugars from fiber lend itself to all sorts of foods, including one of our favorite types of cookies: shortbread. 


Shortbread has a long history, dating back as far as medieval England, when people enjoyed a dried, sweetened biscuit made with flour and leavening. As the leavening was gradually replaced, over time, with shortening or butter, the biscuits became softer and more crumbly, just as we know shortbread today. The term “short” refers to the shortening, and to the crumbly texture.  


Shortbread can be rolled and cut into shapes with a cookie cutter, pressed into a mold to create imprints in the dough, or simply cut into bars or fingers. They may be flavored with lemon zest, almond extract, or vanilla, or they can be left plain, which lets the buttery flavor come through.  


Regardless of the preparation method, shortbread cookies are usually baked until they’re just barely browned, and they have a crumbly, buttery texture that melts in the mouth. In fact, in French, shortbread cookies are often called “sablé,” which means sandy, because the texture is crumbly, a bit like soft sand — but much tastier! 


Our favorite, though, is our own shortbread, which offers a new twist to shortbread’s long history. To make it, Chef Thomas Keller adapted his original shortbread recipe, replacing half of the cane sugar with sugars from fiber. Supplant™ sugars from fiber caramelizes, as well as bakes and cooks like traditional sugar, but because it is made from fiber, it retains certain beneficial fiber-based qualities: it is lower in calories, has a lower glycemic response, and is prebiotic. 


The result is simply delicious, plain shortbread, with what one taster described as “a lovely crumbly, buttery melt-in-the-mouth texture – very more-ish!”    


If you’re interested in trying Supplant shortbread, you can find it at Bouchon Bakeries in Yountville, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada, in packets of eight cookies for $8.  


We recommend pairing a Supplant shortbread cookie (or two!) with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea, or your favorite espresso, but it’s equally good on its own, or with a glass of cold milk (or milk alternative if you fancy). Or perhaps a Supplant chocolate bar, if you’re feeling like an extra decadent, guilt-free treat.  


Supplant milk and dark chocolate bars are now available on Amazon. Why not try them, and let us know how you enjoyed them in a review?