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Our New Chocolate Bar Flavors Have Arrived! 

25 April 2022

When customers say they want more variety, we listen. We’re happy to announce that we  launched three new chocolate bar flavors on Earth Day!


All are based on our Milk and Dark Chocolate Bar recipes created by Chef Thomas Keller. The three new flavors add more diversity and dimension to our existing chocolate bar line up.


We launched them on Earth Day because biodiversity conservation is central to our mission as a company. We figure that a diversity of flavors lets us symbolically represent more natural species in the world.


Meet Our New Flavors 


We developed our flavor profiles based on customer preferences. Our goal was to pair the most-requested flavors with the type of Supplant chocolate that complemented them best. When we shared samples of these flavors at the most recent Expo West food trade show, attendees were delighted with the new varieties.


Sea Salt Milk Chocolate  


Based on our 45% Milk Chocolate bar recipe, our new Sea Salt Milk Chocolate recipe uses pure air-dried sea salt. It adds a touch of the ocean to the flavor profile. Sea salt chocolate is a popular choice for many chocolate lovers. The touch of salt balances out and enhances the milky sweetness of milk chocolate.


Did you know that adding a tiny bit of salt can actually enhance sweet flavors? Our sugars from fiber isn’t as sweet as cane sugar, so this blend creates a nice balance of sweet and salty.


Coffee Milk Chocolate  


This one is reminiscent of your favorite cafe’s barista-made mochas. Our Coffee Milk Chocolate bar recipe starts with our 45% Milk Chocolate recipe from Chef Thomas Keller. We add coffee essence and stir, to create a delicious coffee-flavored milk chocolate. You can imagine you’re having an extra delicious morning cup, or after-dinner treat, with every bite.


Because it’s made with sugars from fiber, like all of our chocolate bars, you can feel good that you’re also getting fewer calories from sugar.


Orange Dark Chocolate 


The combination of flavors in our new Orange Dark Chocolate bars reminds us of holidays, sunshine, and sophistication. This new chocolate bar flavor combination is also based on our Dark Chocolate bar recipe developed by Chef Thomas Keller. We include natural orange oil to create a deep, citrusy allure. Our dark chocolate flavor profile is not as sweet as our milk chocolate, giving this new chocolate bar flavor a more refined characteristic that dark chocolate lovers will particularly enjoy.


We like this flavor after dinner, or as an afternoon snack, and it’s also surprisingly good melted over pancakes — perhaps because the orange notes remind us a bit of our favorite marmalade.


How to Try All Three New Chocolate Flavors For Yourself 


We hope you’ll try all three of our new flavors, and find that they add a nice touch of diversity to your usual chocolate favorites.


You can find Supplant Sea Salt Milk Chocolate, Supplant Coffee Milk Chocolate, and Supplant Orange Dark Chocolate bars on the Supplant website. We hope you’ll enjoy — be sure to let us know what you think!