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We’re Exhibitors at Expo West 2022 – Come Say Hi! 

8 March 2022

Supplant milk and dark chocolate bars are now available on Amazon. Read on to find out why we decided to become Expo West 2022 exhibitors this year.

The Natural Foods Expo West, this week, March 8-12 in Anaheim, California, is one of the country’s largest events for all things delicious, natural, and edible. So naturally — pun intended — we’re showcasing Supplant chocolate bars there, too! 


Our representatives are there right now to offer samples of Supplant chocolate, connect with like-minded companies, and spread the word about why we’re starting a new food movement with our revolutionary sugars from fiber.  


Sugars from fiber is made from upcycled agricultural side streams, which are plant fiber that would otherwise be undervalued or go to waste. Our patented enzymatic process transforms that fiber into a revolutionary new product. It caramelizes and browns in food just like traditional sugar does, but has less than half the calories, a lower glycemic response, and is prebiotic, which is good for gut health.  


We’re showcasing sugars from fiber in our luxurious milk and dark chocolate bars, hand crafted with a recipe developed by Chef Thomas Keller, and in our chocolate chips, which are perfectly sized for bakeries and food manufacturers to mix into cookies, ice cream, and more.  


Because we’re committed to building a movement toward sustainable, healthy food systems, we’re super excited to meet representatives from like-minded companies that are finding innovative ways to make food that’s better for people, and better for the planet. We’ll be looking for partners in this mission — stop by and chat! 


Plus, we love to see what other companies are up to. Some of the Expo West 2022 Exhibitors and companies we’re excited about seeing and learning more about include:

  • Zing Bars, who make energy bars that are low-glycemic and prebiotic (just like sugars from fiber!)
  • Tosi Snacks, who make bite-sized snacks that come in both sweet and savory flavors, and
  • Purely Elizabeth, who make plant protein-powered granola and baking mixes.   


But one of the best things about visiting trade shows like these? Getting to find out about all kinds of new favorites. We’ll be looking forward to meeting new people, trying new things, and sharing the word about sugars from fiber with everyone there. By changing how we make and eat nutritious, sustainable food ingredients, with CPG and commercial offerings available, we’re starting a food revolution. 


Want to meet up? Email, or drop by our ExpoWest booth (5416) and say hello. We’re looking forward to meeting you!