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It’s a Wrap! Expo West Was a Success

16 March 2022

After handing out thousands of squares of Supplant Chocolate, and talking non-stop about the benefits of sugars from fiber at the recent Natural Foods Expo West 2022 event in Anaheim, our team took a moment to reflect on how it went. The overwhelming response? Fantastic! 


The low-down

Expo West is the biggest natural foods trade show in the United States, and it was especially exciting this year because it marked a return to in-person events in a big way. With over 57,000 attendees, and 2,700 exhibitors, it was an inspiring banquet of natural and organic products.  

Our team met with thousands of people who were curious about our Supplant sugars from fiber. Many were eager to try our milk and dark chocolate, plus a few new things we’re getting ready to roll out (stay tuned!).  

“Our dark chocolate was most popular,” notes Peter Crook, our partnerships lead. Rebecca Cwiklinski, Misha Deville and other members from our business development team who staffed our booth at the show also explain that “Everyone was delighted at how the chocolate was creamy but retained a snap.”  


A lot of people even came back for seconds, and brought their colleagues over to our booth for another sample… We were delighted to share! 


The Supplant Company team members preparing and handing out chocolate samples

Peter Crook and Misha Deville prepare chocolate samples to hand out to attendees


Sugars from fiber piqued everyone’s interest

We were also pleased to share information about sugars from fiber, and the team says many attendees were curious to learn more about how sugars from fiber is part of an upcycled food movement. Peter found that people were really interested in hearing his most frequent quote of the event: “We take otherwise wasted agricultural material such as rice straw and corn cobs and, using our patented process, we extract the naturally occurring sugars from these fibers.” 


Expo West 2022 and our products: The feedback!

The team says that overall, the reactions were “super positive!”, and notes that a representative from a sugar-free chocolate supplier said on the down-low that they preferred our product in taste and texture!  


“Loads of people said they loved the taste and that it was definitely a premium product. Our packaging also got the big thumbs up, and people were even stopping to take photos of the bars.” 


Expo West 2022: The highlights

The biggest highlight for the team overall was seeing how enthusiastic people were about sugars from fiber and its potential. “We had endless interest from multinational corporations, retailers and distributors looking to get their hands on our chocolate bars and raw ingredient.”   


Among the many brands they met, they were delighted to connect with, one was Levain Bakery, who make amazing cookies. They also enjoyed meeting with Tosi Snacks and Purely Elizabeth, who are rapidly growing brands, as well as bigger companies like Mars, Nestle, and Lotus Bakeries, to name a few.  


Rebecca agrees too, and says it was a highlight to meet with “like-minded brands and companies that want to change the future and be more sustainable/health focused.” 


“People from across the spectrum, including other brands, loved our story, and can see how we stand out from the crowd,” Peter says. “There is genuine desire to do good, and this is backed up by our product.” 


The Supplant Company's Rebecca standing in front of Supplant Expo West Booth

Rebecca stands proudly in front of our booth


Missed Expo West, but still want to try Supplant chocolate? Supplant milk and dark chocolate bars are now available on Amazon, as well as from our shop.


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