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Crossroads Kitchen’s New Supplant Brownie Sundae Features Supplant™ Sugars from Fiber

23 March 2022

Cold ice cream, warm brownies, hot, melted chocolate… A brownie sundae is one of those decadent desserts that could hardly get any better.  


Until now, that is. Chef Tal Ronnen has put the cherry on top, with a new version of the popular brownie sundae from the menu at his Crossroads Kitchen restaurant in West Hollywood.  


Crossroad Kitchen’s Supplant Brownie Sundae


The new sundae is an update on the classic. Instead of traditional cane sugar alone, it uses Supplant sugars from fiber in several of its components. Our sugars from fiber feature in the updated vanilla ice cream, and Supplant Chocolate Chips melt into the sundae’s fudge sauce and brownie base. 


The result? A winning combination of nostalgic decadence and future-forward food. Sugars from fiber cooks, bakes, and caramelizes like traditional sugar, with fewer calories than cane sugar, a low glycemic response, and prebiotic properties.


With the launch of Supplant Chocolate Chips, we’re expanding our efforts to better serve commercial partners, such as Chef Ronnen. Our inclusions are available for direct wholesale purchase.  


Chef Ronnen says he’s thrilled to be working with The Supplant Company on such a popular dessert. He added that sugars from fiber “helps us continue to offer incredible tasting food all while making strides in environmental protection.”.


Ronnen is renowned for his innovative plant-based menus, and has just launched two new Crossroads Kitchen restaurants in Las Vegas. His restaurants are among the forerunners of a rising trend toward ingredients that are better for you, and the planet. Sugars from fiber reduces the demand for cane sugar — a water-intensive crop that threatens biodiversity — and offers a solution to the very real problem of food waste.  


Partnering with like-minded individuals like Chef Ronnen lets us further prove the versatility, quality, and application of Supplant sugars from fiber and chocolate chips.  


Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Tom Simmons, says “with opportunity for future culinary collaborations on the horizon, we’re thrilled to see menu items at some of the country’s most recognizable restaurants available for consumers to try in the coming months.”  


Try Crossroad Kitchen’s Supplant Brownie Sundae for yourself


Want to scoop a taste? The Supplant Brownie Sundae debuts this spring on Crossroads Kitchen’s dinner menu.   


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